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Dogs and Instagram - How They Became One

So you want to make your pooch Insta-famous? The scenario is most likely that you have just gotten a puppy or suddenly realized your dog’s great potential for fame. But where to start? We’ll cover a few tips and tricks that will teach your dog (and you!) how to get started on your journey to social media stardom. 


Taking a photograph

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First, ask yourself what makes your dog unique. Why would others enjoy seeing photos and videos of your dog? Do they have a special trick, a quirk, a cute bark? Even if they can’t do any special tricks, remember that Instagram is a place to share photos, so if you love the photos, post them! If you’d rather keep your personal Instagram account separate from your pet’s, consider creating an account for them with their own unique handle. 


Consistency is key 🔑

Then comes the task of finding a good posting schedule. You don’t want to bombard your followers with new content 3 times a day so consider the stories feature as a buffer in between your regular posts using this time to interact with your followers. Ask questions, insert polls, and if you and your pup aren’t too camera shy, talk to your audience! When an influencer engages with its audience, people are more likely to form a connection with them. 




Find your aesthetic 🤩


You’ve figured out the Instagram logistics and schedule, now it’s time to create some content! You probably have hundreds (or thousands!) of photos of your dog on your phone, but will they make the Instagram cut? By no means do you need to be a professional photographer or have a fancy camera to take good pictures, but consider what style of photos you’d like to have on your feed. If you are an outdoorsy person and love going on hikes and to the cottage with your pup, this might be the theme of your feed. If you like dressing up your dog and posing it on fancy chairs, then go with that! This is your time to get creative and to channel your inner photographer! Plus, you get to work with your muse 24/7. 


Never underestimate hashtags #️⃣


Utilizing appropriate hashtags can also help increase your photos’ visibility and expose your dog to other pet accounts all over the world! Doing a bit of hashtag research will help tremendously when dipping your toes into the world of social media. 


Dog using a laptop


Have fun 😁


Most importantly, remember to have fun! Social media can be a great place to share content and inspire others. After all, dogs are carefree, fun loving and don’t care about what others think. We can all take a lesson from our best friends! You might even make other doggy influencer friends and find ways to make a difference in the world through the voice of your pet. #PetFluencer 

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