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About Us

If you didn’t already know, Woof Pack is a Canadian subscription box for your pups!


We deliver natural treats, fun and engaging toys, delicious chews and cool accessories to your door. Every month, we build your pack around a new and unique theme. You’ll always receive two toys; one plush and one rubber, two all-natural Canadian made treats and either a tasty chew or accessory.



We pride ourselves on making dogs happy and keeping them healthy! How do we do that?


It’s simple! We bring together the best line of products on the market in one place. No need to shop around, no need to worry about safety or quality – at Woof Pack, every treat, toy, chew and accessory is analyzed and tested before going out! We know how important our dog’s diets are and that’s why we ONLY use 100% natural Canadian treats, made to Canadian standards. 


So who are we? We’re just people who love making our dogs happy and we want to share that love with you.



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