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Falling for Apples

As we head straight into apple picking season, we can’t wait to bake pies, crumbles and all kinds of delicious fall treats. But what about our pup? Surely they’d like to get in on some of the action (plus, let’s be honest, we never know what to do with all these apples after our visit to the orchard)! 


Dog on fall season


Just like we, humans, love taking a juicy bite of an apple, so do our four-legged friends! Apples are an excellent source of vitamin A and C as well as fiber for dogs. They’re low in protein and fat, making them the perfect snack for senior dogs, just be sure to remove the core and seeds! As delicious as they are raw, here are some yummy apple snack recipes for your dog.


Recipe #1: Apple and Peanut Butter Treats 

Apple and Peanut Butter Treats

Recipe courtesy of For the Love of Cooking

What dog doesn’t LOVE peanut butter?! Licking empty jars or directly off a spoon is a real treat for them, so a peanut butter apple cookie makes total sense! A hint of cinnamon makes these perfect for the Fall and if you have some spooky cookie cutters, these would make perfect Halloween treats! 

Recipe #2: Tasty Apples Chips 


Tasty Apples Chips

Recipe courtesy of Petsmont


The benefit of this treat is that it can be consumed by dogs and humans! Any time we crack open a chip bag, our dog seems to be instantaneously at our feet. Well, now it too can indulge in a crunchy, healthy, snack! All you need to do is slice your apples into half centimeter slices using a mandolin. Place the slices on a parchment lined baking sheet and bake for 2 hours at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Let cool and enjoy this healthy and tasty snack! 


Recipe #3: Pumpkin Apple Dog Treats 


Pumpkin Apple Dog Treats

Recipe courtesy of The Produce Mom


The perfect Fall combination, pumpkins and apples! Pumpkin is a pet favourite for so many reasons. It’s high in fiber which makes it great for digestion and relieving constipation. Natural canned pumpkin has no sugar and is low in calories, so it makes a great snack for your dog as well as delicious treats. 


Recipe #4: Spinach, Apple, and Carrot Homemade Dog Treats 


Spinach, Apple and Carrot Homemade Dog Treats

Recipe courtesy of Holistic Pet Wellness


For all of our health fans out there, you’ll love this treat recipe packed full of veggies! They’re gluten-free, grain-free and even suitable for humans to snack on! Plus, these treats are a great excuse to use up fruits and veggies in your fridge. That makes for a happy human and happy dog! 


Recipe #5: Sweet Potato and Apple Pupcakes 


Sweet Potato and Apple Pupcakes

Recipe courtesy of The Speckled Palate 


These are the perfect special occasion treats for your pup! Making your own cake or cupcakes for your pet is a great option since you know exactly what goes into it. The frosting is made of cream cheese and unsweetened applesauce, making this a real treat for your best friend!




Let us know if you try any of these yummy apple recipes! Your dog will surely appreciate the homemade treats, and your home will smell amazing!

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